I could be the person you just walked past in the street.

I could be your brother, your sister, your son, your daughter, your best friend you lost touch with...

I could be the person that fought the war to keep you FREE... 

I could be anyone.  

I could be YOU.

Today YOU can give back HOPE to Mark before it's too late.

With YOUR help Mark will be able to walk 1000 miles towards good health, physically, mentally and spiritually and become a BEACON OF HOPE for hundreds more.

A sustainable "outdoorsey" career, in one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, is literally only 1000 miles and 6-9 months away for Mark. 

And he needs YOUR support, YOUR words of kindness and YOUR generosity to help him on his journey.

YOU can empower Mark to help himself out of the isolation and degradation of homelessness. 

YOU can be the friend that meets him on some of his amazing walks through the UK's national parks and beautiful walks in all of the counties.

YOU might even be the coach, the mentor or the trainer, that will help to keep Mark focused, inspired and motivated, and to gain tangible and meaningful qualifications for his new career path. 

Today, if YOU will just help one person, Mark, to help himself out of poverty and homelessness, YOU will be giving real HOPE to thousands more. 


Everybody has their own unique stories to tell. 

But today YOU you can be part of a new story that is about to unfold.  

It's a story about "The Power of YOUR Friendship and the Healing Power of Nature".......... with a VISION of an end to homelessness for 1000's of people in the UK and beyond.

It's a story that has to begin somewhere.  

One Person, One Project, One Step at a Time

When Mark walks 1000 miles away from homelessness to a sustainable career in the great outdoors he will be a BEACON HOPE for hundreds more.

Homelessness is on the rise. But YOU can give people a hand-up so that they can help themselves in a dignified manner. You can begin by helping Mark today!

With YOUR help we can cover ALL costs to support Mark on this amazing 1000 mile journey which will take him around 6-9 months.  With his achieved recognised milestones and qualifications, Mark can then remain working with us to help the next homeless person and the next OR to choose to get a job in related field, or diversify and gain higher qualifications. Stepping in the right direction all the way and what an AMAZING CV he will have for sure!

Jeff Homeless in Torquay said....

We listened.... a hand-up is all that most people need to help themselves out of homelessness

When we LISTEN to people experiencing homelessness, we find that they really do want to work. But like all of us, they want to do meaningful work that provides fulfillment.  

In the current job market the chances of finding and keeping meaningful employment when you are homeless is extremely challenging and in many cases impossible.   Sadly many face the prospect of low paid jobs, usually having to take two jobs juggling long hours just to keep head above water.  This often means a return to homelessness which remains forever a very close reality.

“Benefits & Sanctions… you can keep them, because they give me more stress than I can cope with"   .......Rachel, Homeless in Carlisle

We listened........ So we need to make sure our bursaries cover ALL costs, which frees up a person's mind, frees up time  and enables them to focus on the skills learning for a sustainable future with an outdoors career. 

When people are given an opportunity with a HAND-UP to help themselves out of homeless and poverty they are more likely to create LASTING CHANGE in their lives and never return to homelessness again.

One Person.  One Project.  One step at a Time

How it works

This Pilot Project will provide full training and learning of new skills as our "Student of Life" (SOL) literally walks away from poverty and homelessness towards a career as a Walking Group Leader.  ( Hills and Moorland) . 

Once qualified our student can choose to remain working with us to support the next “Student of Life” and the next, OR with our support become a self-employed walking leader or with an amazing CV, find a job in related fields.  

There will also be lots of opportunity to train for higher level qualifications… …..a stepping stone and beyond.

Why The Great Outdoors?

Just 3 very good reasons to begin with.

The Great Outdoors is one of the fastest growing industries and provider of jobs in the UK. 

As more and more people understand the value of being in and doing activities in nature it’s a perfect time to train for a sustainable career in this sector.  

Nature always provides...… physical, mental and spiritual good health as well as a place for us to live, work and play.

The Bursary

A complete bursary will cover ALL costs for 6-9 months until a person is qualified and earning an income in his/her own right. ( see lists of costs below) 

Our projects are person centered and tailored around a students needs. 

Whilst we have set a target figure to raise for this pilot project,  it’s very difficult to know the exact amount that we will need for the bursary as you can imagine.   Every student is a unique individual with varying needs and some might require extra counselling and support, especially if, for example they are suffering with severe depression or PTSD.  So you see... it’s a bit like asking how long is a piece of string.  

We need to be sure that sufficient funds are in place and that we are able to respond to challenges and to cover every eventuality as much as is possible to do so. 

This is a real person that we will be supporting and we cannot  afford to fail him/her on the journey towards tangible and meaningful milestones and qualifications in an outdoors career.

You can be part of this… #teamOM

….....as a friend who offers those kind words of support and encouragement, or as a professional who can offer coaching, mentoring, training and assessments or the fundraisers who want to play a more active role…….. just be sure to come along and be part of the team so TOGETHER we can help a person to find within himself what he has to help himself out of poverty and homelessness

Someone out there needs YOUR HELP RIGHT NOW!

**IMPORTANT UPDATE**: Our outreach connections now have a people who would dearly love this opportunity to change thier lives and to lift themselves out of the despair and degredation of poverty-homelessness. More news to come…..

It’s sustainable, measurable and can create LASTING and Positive Impact

From the perspective of a student it most certainly is.  Training and gaining meaningful qualifications and in turn GIVING BACK to others.

From the perspective of friends,  there is a wonderful opportunity to join in a community,  to be part of the story of a Student of Life, follow his adventures both online and offline as we meet up to enjoy the great outdoors together.

From a perspective of small businesses, there is also a fabulous opportunity for coaches, mentors and trainers, and other related businesses to provide the services and the products that are required for our students.

The costs of Homelessness    


The costs of a Hand-Up

These are estimated figures Homeless.Org.UK 

£15,000 over 9 months.. the funds required to cover all costs

( please note we are raising £20k to allow £5k for contingencies) 

Put yourself in the shoes of someone else for a while and IMAGINE THIS.........

One day "life gives you really bad lemons" and you become just one more statistic in the ever growing number of homeless persons in the UK and Ireland 

You sometimes stay on friends sofas feeling as though you shouldn't really be there, and sometimes you find room in a noisy hostel full of people that you really don't want to be around.  Your car, which for a short while, provided temporary privacy and somewhere really uncomfortable to rest your weary head, is long gone, along with your job because the depression and fatigue that is now a major part of your life has made you unhealthy and unreliable. Your world is now the only few possessions you have left in your rucksack.

The authorities, for some very strange reason, determine that you are not vulnerable. 

That really sucks! 

Because the longer you are homeless you are becoming ever more depressed and potentially suicidal. On the streets you are very VULNERABLE to injury from aggressive persons hell bent on hating you for asking for a few bob to get a bite to eat.

They give you numbers to call private landlords who can provide you with overpriced accommodation that is unsuitable by many standards. But nobody gives you the thousand pounds that you need for a deposit and a months rent up front. And you don't have the assurity of a job yet so your landlord has itchy feet thinking he won't be getting his rent if ever you get sanctioned with your benefits support which it's highly likely at some point you WILL.  It's a pretty awful lose lose situation.  No job no home, no home no job!

Your mobile phone, your lifeline, keeps running out of credit and there aren't many places you can go to charge it up either.  You get relieved of these problems when you get all your things robbed whist you were grabbing 40 winks on a park bench.

As the nights get colder your brain goes as numb as your fingers and your toes.  It never rains... it just pours and pours. You feel grottier and mustier by the day even though you try to wash and clean up in public toilets.  You can't bear to look in the mirror because you're afraid of what you will see, as you can't cover the dark shadows around your eyes anymore!  You are soooooo tired you don't even know what day it is. You finally lose touch with any friends you had because you are now too embarrassed for them to even see you.

You are BROKE!  

And you are very soon on your way to being BROKEN! 

Then one day.... someone says that lots of friends who cared enough to LISTEN to you, have raised sufficient funds to give you an opportunity to help yourself out of homelessness and poverty, and to train for a sustainable career in the Great Outdoors, (a fast growing industry) with the provision of a complete bursary that covers the costs of:

  • temporary accommodation
  • clothing and equipment
  • food and basic essentials
  • transport
  • phone and internet access
  • insurances
  • professional training and support (personal and business)
  • assessments and qualifications

And you are challenged to walk 1000 miles over the UK in 6-9 months

These great friends will be supporting you every step of the way and you will be able to keep them fully informed of all of your daily experiences and challenges, and even have many opportunities to meet up with them as they eagerly wish to join you in person on your daily jaunts.  Imagine how great it will be to actually meet up with people that cared to listen to you enough to help you to regain your dignity and literally walk from your homeless situation.

All you have to do is really really want to work very hard, and to commit to a very real and tangible learning and training, that requires courage and determination to succeed.  Because you will be walking maybe 1000 miles all over the UK to a sustainable career in the Great Outdoors, and you will be getting healthier, physically, mentally and spirtually by the day!

Once you are back on the ladder of life, and have that basic qualification in the Great Outdoors, you will be GIVING BACK to others as you guide them through the hills and moorlands of the UK helping them to experience the sheer beauty and challenge that the most wonderful terrains and landscapes can provide.

As Helen Keller said "Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows!"

If you were homeless...

Would you be hoping every day that you would  be given a chance to lift yourself up, to regain your dignity, to get healthier physically mentally and spiritually, to have an amazing support network of great friends and professionals who will LISTEN to you, support you and help you to keep your face to the sunshine?

It could so easily be ANY OF US! 

WE NEED TO START SOMEWHERE and we need to start now

ONE person, ONE project, ONE step at a time!

OUR PILOT PROJECT.  It could be anyone's story... it could be YOUR story.

More than just fundraising... this is an amazing story that YOU can be part of.

THE STORY OF SOL (Student of Life). 

One persons journey from poverty and homelessness to a sustainable career in the Great Outdoors.

Please be part of this unique story today!  Somebody out there RIGHT NOW needs your help!


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